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Hi! Angie here, thanks for visiting The Fabulous Women Network. We may not know each other, so here are some facts about me that I think you should know to get started. 

I was born in the eastern region of Cuba and grew up in a loving, diversified family. I am a beloved daughter, a fortunate mother of three healthy and prosperous adults with excellent human values. I am the happier grandmother of a beautiful girl who enlightens my days in every possible way. I am a lucky wife, in love with her husband furnished with a big heart full of all the love that could fit in this world.

I earned my Medical Doctor degree at the Institute of Hygiene and Medicine, in Leningrad, Russia, in 1991. Since then, I strive to improve people's health. Some of my achievements include implementing an intervention centered on the holistic (multicausal) approach to Diabetes, helping to reduce amputations on Diabetic patients suffering from Angiopathy in Havana. Taught setting and operation of a mobile hospital to treat Ebola for the brigades of Cuban doctors, and other Health System's representatives from Africa and America's Region. I coordinated the implementation of a Malaria Control Program in the Gambia, Subsaharan Africa.

But my most significant contribution is coming from my personal experience dealing with my mother's journey with Diabetes Type II, especially when her health deteriorated by kidneys' complication that was never diagnosed by her doctor. In just one month she spent in my home (in Cuba), I helped her maintain a strict diet low in protein and carbohydrates, in a positive environment, and some healthy physical activity, leading her to a considerable improvement. The doctor recommended removing medications to control her blood pressure; likewise, her sugar was controlled at the edge of normality. She had to return to her home in the US. She did not follow the diet anymore,  and Diabetes complications rapidly progressed, plus questionable medical management continued to worsen until the day of her 65th birthday.  

I learned that our health is the result of a complicated relationship between our mindset, what we eat, and the environment in which we do it. I also learned that our body is the most powerful, least expensive, and BEST dietary experimentation laboratory that exists. Why? Because it has a pearl of innate wisdom beyond any book or authority. No matter what stage of life you are in, your body is your highest health authority. I became a certified Health & Life Coach to work with women who struggle with chronic conditions and other issues of midlife. I help them recover their health naturally so they can enjoy a longer and happier life. 

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The Fabulous Women Network brings together fabulous women to inspire and hold each other accountable. At the same time, we give life to our projects so that we can implement what we have learned, achieving a specific and well-defined impact on the people we serve.

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